Light Purple Pointer I didn't think it'd end this way
I didn't think it'd end this way


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I made a thing. Happy Birthday, my sweet.
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Piper’s birthday is tomorrow. Dillan is in a medically induced coma because his brain would not stop having seizures.

We haven’t spoken since April and I am taking him for sole custody in a week. Then this happened. Nothing is ever easy.

Things are weird.

First born, three months, ten months, and a year.

I got addicted to Reddit. I adore the mobile version and nosleep. So that is where I have been lately. Just taking a break from Tumblr I guess. Maybe I outgrew it. Piper is a year in 10 days.

Someone has started walking…

"You wrecked me and
I apologized."

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She is moody when she first wakes up