Light Purple Pointer I didn't think it'd end this way
I didn't think it'd end this way


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Heart melt ~

No no, I didn’t need to eat on that one side of my mouth. Continue to throb teeth.

Moments like this ~


I just realized I’ve never posted any pictures of Piper and her Father, Dillan. It isn’t intentional, I just don’t have a lot of pictures of them together because he very rarely cared enough to play with her. He cares now, because we don’t live there anymore. 

The short of it is:

- He called CAS on me

- I now live with my Mom (again) and am trying to get guardianship over my Daughter back

- He gets visits three days a week

- No one is questioning his parenting, just mine

He smoked pot in the house. He used to smoke it next to her when she was a newborn. He never, not once, got up with her in the night. Never fed her. Rarely changed her. He only played with her when I asked. I was stressed to the limit and begging for help and he wouldn’t give me it. I felt ashamed over how stressed I was. And I started talking it out on Piper.

In a way, he did a good thing by calling CAS. I have broken up with him. He was sucking the life force out of me. I have Jake now, and I have Piper. And that’s all I need. I’m focused on getting my daughter back under my care and moving the hell out again.

These two get me through the day.
Jake isn’t her father, but he’s the closest she has right now.
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